2022 IASJ New York Participants

2022 IASJ New York Participants


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Keller Coker - Dean of Jazz at the New School, College of Performing Arts


For the second time in the 30-year history of the IASJ, the New School hosted the IASJ Jazz Meeting from Tuesday June 21th till Sunday June 26th. Over eighty students, teachers and directors from top level schools from all over the world, performed in jam sessions and concerts, were teaching, giving lectures and workshops, exchanged ideas and reinforced personal and professional networks.

Jazz music, education and research made a major step forward during the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York. Activities were:

  • jam session for all participants in famous spots in New York
  • a concert in which teachers from all over the world present themselves
  • two concerts in which student combos formed during the week present their own music
  • ongoing dialogues on the state of jazz education and jazz research
  • hands on lectures and interactive presentations for all participants
  • networking, establishing international jazz groups that perform world-wide

In 2022 the IASJ, the International Association of Schools of Jazz, celebrated its 32 years of existence. Founded in 1989 by David Liebman, with the first IASJ Jazz Meeting in 1990 in The Hague, The Netherlands hosted by Wouter Turkenburg at the Royal Conservatory, the IASJ has now grown into a world-wide organization.




IASJ member schools send their best students to the meeting. By attending, a life-changing experience, they enter the international network of young players that is about to take the next steps in jazz.


The teachers of the IASJ member schools attending the meeting are already active on an international level. Teachers exchange information about their methods bur also form bands.

jazz program directors

Jazz education is in constant change. Jazz program directors of IASJ member schools discuss how to re-design the the programs of their schools in order to keep up with the latest developments.

IASJ contacts

IASJ - Wouter Turkenburg - Unit 2
3e Binnenvestgracht 23-J
The Netherlands

E-mail address: info@iasj.com

IASJ slogan

The future of jazz is linked to the future of jazz education, and the IASJ is the chain.


The IASJ is a member of the IMC, the International Music Council, affiliated with UNESCO.

IASJ since 1989

In 1989 David Liebman initiated a gathering of representatives of schools of jazz. In The Hague, The Netherlands in 1990 the first IASJ Jazz Meeting took place. Ever since, a yearly IASJ Jazz Meeting is organized in a different city.


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